How Landscaping Your Garden Can Add Value to Your Home

We all know that having a picturesque garden brings much joy during the Spring and Summer months, with a manicured space offering an ideal place to relax and socialise. However, this isn’t the only reason garden landscaping is so popular. 

According to Post Office Money landscaping your garden could increase your property value by 77%, which is more than a new kitchen or extension! With the average cost of garden landscaping costing £2,750, in comparison to an extension at £80,000, it is no wonder more people are choosing the landscaping route to add value to their home. 

Here are five key landscaping trends which add value to your home: 

1. Declutter 

A little garden maintenance and decluttering can go far in adding value to your home and is an ideal place to start; cutting grass, trimming back hedges, disposing of dead growth, fallen leaves and any old furniture. Tidying up the garden space offers a clean canvas for either yourself or a potential buyer to start creating their dream space. 

2. Spruce up (or add-in) the hard space 

Hard landscaping uses materials such as stone, concrete and crushed rocks, giving gardens a durable, permanent structure and style to enjoy all year round. Perfect for an entertainment space or somewhere to hold garden parties. If your garden is lucky enough to have a hard landscaping zone already, it must be maintained correctly to ensure it looks as good and fresh as new. Maintenance includes staining and treating the decking, jet washing any patio areas, patching up any cracks or gaps, and ensuring it is smooth with no high-raised bricks to keep everyone safe. 

If your garden is all grass with no hard surfacing, it is worthwhile investing in. Hard landscaping requires very little upkeep compared to soft landscaping. It isn’t affected by the weather and can be used to create different zones, for example, a dining area, or a sturdy safe place for a hot tub or fire pit. 

3. Add an outbuilding haven 

Outbuildings are a cost-effective and fast way to add value to your house. Not only are they extremely functional and quick to construct, but they can also be used for many different activities such as: 

A workspace; whether you want a quiet space for your computer, an appropriate workspace for crafts, or somewhere to have meetings, an outbuilding can offer that quiet space you need to focus 2. Kennel; does your dog run ragged around the house? An outbuilding would provide a safe 

space for your pooch to play and relax 3. Entertaining space; perfect for those chillier summer evenings, you could use the outbuilding 

as a space to play games, enjoy a meal or watch a movie; all without waking the kids 4. A Storage unite; helping your home feel less cluttered; an outbuilding can provide all the 

extra space for those infrequently used items 

4. Add some colour 

Getting creative with colour is a fantastic way to add more style and value to the property without breaking the bank. If you want to be a little different, to make the garden more unique, you could consider painting or stencilling your hard landscaping, fences or sheds. 

Adding some seasonal colours through plants and flowers is another cost-effective, low maintenance way to ensure your garden makes an excellent first impression; focus on a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to create a more dramatic feel. 

5. Create privacy 

In today’s busy, fast-paced world, it sometimes feels impossible to get any down-time and privacy. If other houses overlook your garden, or can you see dining alfresco through the gaping gaps in the hedge, adding more privacy to the garden is essential. 

Here are a few ways you can create that private space: 

  • Add in some stylish fencing; these days there are many options for fencing such as pressure-treated timber, contemporary metal, plastic styles and traditional hardwood
  • Grow evergreen shrubs and trees to give a naturistic feel which will also add colour in the winter months
  • A private seating area with a pergola, climbing plants and fairy lights will offer a secluded wonderland to relax and entertain
  • Create a sunken oasis; very popular with the Edwardians and ideal for a private dining area
  • Dipping into another landscaping trend, adding a water feature as a focal point can also add a little ‘white noise’ masking any unappealing sounds, or noisy neighbours, creating ambience in an outdoor setting 

Here at Vale Contracting, we offer a full range of landscaping and garden maintenance packages to suit your domestic or commercial needs. If you are interested in any of the above landscaping trends or would like more information about what we can offer, please contact us here

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