How Can Agricultural Contracting Improve Your Farming Services?

Agricultural contracting has become more and more prevalent over the past five years, and not just for the occasional job. A study conducted by the University of Exeter in 2019 revealed that an increasing number of farmers are becoming reliant on agricultural contracting.

We all understand that farming is a tough business. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that more farmers are utilising external companies to complete both crucial run-of-the-mill work and bigger projects such as hedge cutting. With more than a fifth of farmers choosing to hire the extra support, agricultural contracting shows no sign of slowing down. Offering a wide variety of services, high-quality machinery, valuable expertise and cost savings, hiring an agricultural contractor can be paramount to the smooth running and success of your farm.

Here are five key reasons why all farmers should consider investing in agricultural contracting:

Ditching for Optimal Drainage

Ditching is a part of drain maintenance that can often get overlooked by farmers due to their busy schedule. Ditch networks are essential in providing a constant and reliable water source, in addition to ensuring that soil conditions are conducive for both crops and cattle, plus a wide range of other benefits:
• Decrease nutrient and sediment transport from the farmland to rivers
• Ensure optimal field drainage conditions for crop growth
• Highlight any current or potential pollution issues
• Improve and enhance the health of livestock and wildlife

At Vale Contracting, we’re here to maximise the performance of your drainage scheme by maintaining and installing ditches of any dimension to ensure water is carried away from your fields.

Utilise Industry-leading Farming Machine Hire

Farming machine hire has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it isn’t a surprise why. Agricultural contractors offering plant hire services can provide you with industry-leading, top-level farming machinery, enabling to avoid intensive manual labour and access the equipment you need without the huge financial investment.

At Vale Contracting, we have a wide range of plant available to hire that is suitable for agricultural purposes – click here to find out more. We can provide micro and mini diggers, tractors, dumpers, backhoe loaders and more, all supplied with qualified and trained operators to carry out your projects quickly and efficiently.

Essential Muck Shifting to Ensure Farm Safety and Efficiency

Keeping your farm clear of waste and rubble is essential in ensuring operations run smoothly and productively, and muck shifting is a common aspect of any farm’s operation. Here at Vale Contracting, we can take the worry off your hands. We offer a comprehensive and fully licensed site clearance service, providing both vehicle and operator to systematically transport all waste to our vehicle, ensuring you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Whatever types of materials you have left over from your farm projects – hardcore, soil, rubble, mud, waste, leaves or other vegetation – and whether they need to be recycled or disposed of in a different manner, we have the due diligence and resources to facilitate it. Our experienced team will provide you with an high-quality and professional muck-away service, guaranteeing that your farm is safe and running efficiently.

Improve Profits with Hedge Cutting Maintenance

If you’re a farmer, you’ll know how important it is to cut and maintain your hedges on a regular basis, to avoid losing any space or shading on your land which could lead to crop and profit reduction. Typically undertaken from August to February, regularly maintaining and cutting back your hedges requires the use of large machinery, so why not outsource this time-intensive job?

Our experienced and specialised agricultural contractors will help you maximise the land available for grazing and cropping and keep your hedges healthy, thick and neat – particularly vital where your hedgerows are acting as living fences within livestock areas. Furthermore, with our extensive range of plant and trained operators available to hire, your profit isn’t eaten up by the expenditure on machinery required for hedge cutting.

An Ideal Solution to Your Spreading Needs

To ensure a successful, profitable development of yields and crops, you know that they require more than just nitrogen alone. The annual Spring spreading of customised fertilisers, micronutrients, digestates, and slurry is vital in root development and overall farm operations. Additionally, adding lime into your spreading procedures for certain soils can enhance water penetration, increase the pH of acidic soils and increase magnesium and calcium levels – all of which can be extremely beneficial to your soil.

Our highly experienced contractors will ensure your agricultural spreading is carried out accurately, increasing the natural fertility of your land and giving you total-peace-of-mind. With our modern, high-tech plant fleet, we can assist with the application of fertilisers including slurries, yard and cattle muck, compost and more, providing an ongoing supply of nutrients to the soil for enhanced quality. This allows you to take the pressure off your own resources to focus on the farming demands that particularly require your attention.

Here at Vale Contracting, we can provide you with a one-stop-shop for your agricultural contracting needs. Our agricultural solutions will benefit your farm with reduced overheads, provide you with versatile industry-leading machinery, and not to mention the wealth and knowledge of our highly qualified and experienced team. If you are interested in any of our services, contact us today – our friendly team will be happy to advise.

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